Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Everything Changes

So it has only been half a year since I posted so I figure it is time for an update. I am now a mother to THREE wonderful little boys and my little family is complete. I forgot how exhausting those first few weeks can be-especially with a baby that was only sleeping when held. Thankfully we have worked through the kinks and we seem to be getting to more of a schedule. This means that I should be able to start incorporating some workout time while the baby take his long nap. Speaking of the little bundle...
Cyver Matthew Born April 21st-my lightest boy at only 8lbs 7ozs and longest at 21 3/4 inches long
My three sons :o)
So sweet
Now the real challenge for me begins-NOT gaining 50 pounds while nursing him. So far I am up 10 so I really need to get to work! I am looking forward to getting in some Wii Fit time-I have been trying to up my fruit and veggie intake but my pocketbook feels the pinch. Thankfully, we chose to start a garden this summer and some of the veggies were ready to be picked today. I popped a couple pea pods and snapped some green beans-it made me feel like a kid back in the large garden we had on our small farm. Camden even enjoyed the peas...I think the beans were iffy though as he didn't want another piece when I offered it to him.
I am ready to start setting small goals and then move on to bigger ones.
Goal for tomorrow: Play 30 minutes of Wii fit or Just Dance (I want to start easy)

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