Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awesome weekend update!

I feel like things are really going well.  For my YankTON weigh in at work I was down 1.8 pounds!  I have lost a total of 6 pounds so far.  My goal this week is to step things up and see if I can't get the biggest loss as I am pretty sure the men have taken the first two weeks!  I am enjoying it and I think it is really great what we are doing as a team.  I like that we are all working to be healthier!
I feel like I have had a good food week overall-tonight wasn't the best but I did avoid the alcoholic drinks that are my usual pitfalls!  I enjoyed a nice steak and was full before finishing.  Normally I would finish it anyway but not tonight!  The two downfalls of the evening were the fried onions on top of the steak and my indulgence in a root beer.  Both things were totally some extra point consumption!
I had a great long ride this morning which was a nice change.  I did my full ride Friday morning but was feeling wiped out by the time I got home-sinus infection is still lingering but seems to be getting better today!  I took my super long combo ride and told myself (again) that I could just walk the hills...I rode up them and was able to push through! 
I basically had a double workout today because it was Cohan's first soccer game!  I warmed up with the kids for a bit kicking the ball around and then I coached on field for the second half of the game.  It was fun and I was pretty sweaty by the time we were done.
I really need to stay on top of my game this week the week after will be crazy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Empowered Tuesday!

Last week I saw no change on the scale but I didn't let it bother me-as Dori says, "Just keep swimming!" :o)  Boy am I happy that I don't let the scale break my positivity...because this week showed GREAT results!  I weighed in this morning (because it is like Monday for me) at 180.8!  WOWZER!  That is a loss of 3.8 pounds!  I have lost a total of 11.8 pounds and it feels AMAZING!  Yes, this post is annoyingly positive and filled with exclamation points but I am so excited!  My immediate goal has been to get out of the 180s and I am only a pound away!  The last time I was in the 170s was when I got pregnant with Cam and lost close to 20 pounds during the first trimester (and possibly right away out of the hospital but that never lasts).  Once I hit the 170s I am roughly 20-30 pounds away from a HEALTHY weight!
While I am completely amazed and blown away by the progress I have made in the past week, I really want to say-this is the payoff-this feels better than any slice of cake or fudge brownie!  I am feeling great and I plan to keep this up so that I can feel even better!  I have started things and quit before but I have never (and this is going to sound pathetic and lazy...but it is TRUE) worked physical fitness into my weight loss plans.  I have spent time running around with my kids but never exercising just for me.  I really think that this is the thing that is getting me hooked even more than the healthier eating.  This is something that feels like a realistic permanent change in my life.  All of this glopped together is so empowering! 
On a side note to all of this, I am finally going to go to the doctor about my "cold" because I am now certain that it is a sinus infection and it is starting to wear me out a bit...I would like to be able to lean down to pick something up without feeling like my face is going to fall off!  Antibiotics here I come!  That will hopefully get me feeling even more energized when I am back to a 100% healthy state.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feeling Great and Steppin Things Up!

I have really been feeling good and working hard.  There is plenty to get caught up on :o)
Friday was a good day.   I didn't get my morning ride that day because of morning rain but I am starting to get used to the fact that I just won't be able to go EVERY morning.  I enjoyed the bit of extra sleep which I think was just as good for me as my ride.  Friday was also our weigh-in day at school for YankTON and I was down 4.2 pounds!  It seems as if our entire team is doing very well.  The only down side-the teacher's lunch room was filled with junk food-cookies, bars, and brownies!  Normally, left overs like these just don't last long-they rarely make it to the first lunch but not this time!  There were still many treats left even after the last lunch-way to go!  I would normally eat a sampling of all the different treats but this time I opted to share a cookie with Sheana.  I felt satisfied with the little treat and I was happy that I was able to avoid having more than that.  I love all these little willpower boosters!
This morning I was looking forward to a 6:30 ride as a treat to myself.  I told hubby that I was going on my ride even if the kiddos were awake :o)  6:30 came and everyone was asleep so I was all set. I headed out on my ride and as I approached the park I thought it might be nice to go on a longer ride if I could.  I decided that I would combine my 2 different bike routes and see how that went.  It was GREAT!  It was about a 50 minute ride in all.  I wanted to walk my bike up my 2 big hills but I told myself that I could make it and I did.  I really felt great after that nice long ride.  I even went for a short ride later with my oldest son which also made me feel good even if it was short.  I love getting in a little extra calorie burning!