Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nearing the end of YankTON

This is the final 3 days for me for the YankTON challenge.  My final weigh in is on Wednesday (not Friday as I will be in Chicago!)  I am excited but nervous for the end.  It has been a long and difficult journey working hard as a team!  It will not be then end of my fitness journey though!  I hope to continue the good habits I have picked up and continue to reach my fitness goals.
One goal that I have not yet met is to learn more about fitness.  I have been reading and learning more about healthier eating but not so much about physical fitness.  I am hoping to reach that goal through a "gift to self" of Women's Health magazine.  Matt and I got a dual subscription through junior class magazine sales. 
Speaking of my husband, I have to compliment him on his own journey toward fitness.  He has some crazy workouts that make me giggle a little but I am enjoying watching him work so hard toward his goals.  He is doing wonderful and I am very proud of him!
I went shopping again today for pants as I seem to have them dropping off me every time I need to grab a pair for anything so I headed to the store and did pretty well.  I was able to get three pairs of nice dress pants for $20 each!  I am hoping that I can wear them a bit longer than some of my other pants that I bought only this summer.  While it is fun to drop sizes, my wallet would appreciate a break!  I had to turn down a perfectly fitting pair of jeans because I just couldn't convince myself to pay $40 for them.


  1. Women's Health is a great magazine! I've been getting it for 2 years now. Although with as little as I work out, you'd probably guess it was a new subscription. Do you donate the clothes that don't fit you anymore or sell them through a consignment store? If you sold them, you might make enough to buy some new clothes.

  2. We really don't have much around here for consignment so that doesn't work so well. I end up giving most of it to Goodwill but there is some stuff that I love so much I hate to let it go even if it is too big LOL