Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Update

Since it has been a while (oh say since the beginning of the school year and tomorrow starts the beginning of the second half of the school year!) since I last posted I thought it might be time for a bit of an update.
My summer fitness plan and goals were pretty much ruined by a bum foot. It started with problems with a cyst on my joint at the end of last school year and bloomed into tendonitis on the outside of my right foot. It was incredibly painful but, thanks to some help from my foot doctor, new tennis shoes (that I now have to wear all the time bleh!), inserts, tape, ice, and a wedge for my shoe, my foot is now feeling much better!
I did however still participate in the Susan G. Komen 5K in September-it was a wonderful experience with both of my boys along for the trip. We walked pretty much the entire thing and finished in about 54 minutes. I was able to raise $250 for the cause along the way.
Race Day
I am very happy that my foot is better because I need two good feet to carry around the little baby in my belly! I was actually pregnant at the time of my last post (barely) and I am due at the end of April. This will of course be a big fitness challenge for me to face as pregnancy weight is usually not an issue for me but I gained about 50 pounds with both my boys while I was breastfeeding them. I am hoping to keep that better under control with baby number three but only time will tell. It will be a big challenge! I am hoping that with a bit more planning and preparation for my household (with menu plans and such) I will be able to keep myself on track.
I will be creating another post shortly with my home management binder pages that I created yesterday to get myself organized for 2013 and a family of FIVE! Best wishes to all in the new year!
My baby belly at 3 months

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