Monday, August 13, 2012

A Busy July

So I feel like I have (once again) fallen off the fitness wagon. I am still riding my bike a few days a week but I need to really step things up! July was a crazy busy month that seemed to throw everything for a loop. We went camping, it was hotter than hell, we had a rummage sale, and I had a mini vacation to plan. I also had some lovely outings with friends. Also, as July hits the beginning of the school year looms in the not so distant future and beckons me to return to my classroom to prep for the start of another year. This is of course when the real challenges begin-if I am going to have any level of commitment to this, I am going to need to get my butt in gear so that I am motivated to continue during the school year. With all that said...this post is going to be about my summer in review-it has been an absolutely amazing one!

We ate some ice cream on occasion!

 Camden got his first buzz cut after his wild mane could no longer be tamed!
 We spent more time at the outdoor pool than ever before-it was a HOT summer so it worked out well.

 I experimented with some healthy recipes and found one heck of a great one!
 The boys enjoyed their new outdoor table-it has been great for play and picnics!
 Cohan saved up for an iPod touch
 The boys learned to play together with less fighting!
 We cleared the clutter (and made a little money) with our rummage sale
 We got silly
 We challenged gravity
 We played with friends
 I gained a quite place to be crafty
 The boys merged into one happy toy-filled room

We hit the road and Matt and I experienced seeing one of the Great Lakes for the very first time together

 We relaxed and enjoyed some peaceful time together
 We saw a friend enter into a new, wonderful walk of life-MARRIAGE! Congrats Jay and Andrea!
 We ate some sweet treats
That about sums it up! We will still have some fall fun but the summer fun is almost done!

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