Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feeling Great and Steppin Things Up!

I have really been feeling good and working hard.  There is plenty to get caught up on :o)
Friday was a good day.   I didn't get my morning ride that day because of morning rain but I am starting to get used to the fact that I just won't be able to go EVERY morning.  I enjoyed the bit of extra sleep which I think was just as good for me as my ride.  Friday was also our weigh-in day at school for YankTON and I was down 4.2 pounds!  It seems as if our entire team is doing very well.  The only down side-the teacher's lunch room was filled with junk food-cookies, bars, and brownies!  Normally, left overs like these just don't last long-they rarely make it to the first lunch but not this time!  There were still many treats left even after the last lunch-way to go!  I would normally eat a sampling of all the different treats but this time I opted to share a cookie with Sheana.  I felt satisfied with the little treat and I was happy that I was able to avoid having more than that.  I love all these little willpower boosters!
This morning I was looking forward to a 6:30 ride as a treat to myself.  I told hubby that I was going on my ride even if the kiddos were awake :o)  6:30 came and everyone was asleep so I was all set. I headed out on my ride and as I approached the park I thought it might be nice to go on a longer ride if I could.  I decided that I would combine my 2 different bike routes and see how that went.  It was GREAT!  It was about a 50 minute ride in all.  I wanted to walk my bike up my 2 big hills but I told myself that I could make it and I did.  I really felt great after that nice long ride.  I even went for a short ride later with my oldest son which also made me feel good even if it was short.  I love getting in a little extra calorie burning!

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