Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things

I completed day 5 of Couch to 5k a week ago but was so busy prepping for our family camping trip that I didn't have a chance to write about it. I did better on the second day of week 2 than I did on the first...the increased jogging is still going to take some getting used to but overall it went pretty well. At one point I stopped jogging just a few seconds early to get a drink...partly because I wanted to stop jogging and partly because I was thirsty...I knew that my jogging had to be just about over ;o)
Depending on how today goes for day 6 I may repeat week 2 as I am not sure I am ready to step things up to week 3 after a week off. I had planned to do at least one day of training during our camping trip but the weather was not in my favor-every day it was 100+ with temps not even dropping below 80 in the evening/morning add some humidity to that it was great swimming weather but terrible running weather. I did swim quite a but so I wasn't without some activity while in vacation. I also had some fun on the jumping pillow which is quite a fun workout but rough on the knees. The teeter-totter led me to tweak my ankle a bit but it is feeling better now.
I went on my usual morning ride and was able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise:
On a different note-I ordered myself a  Wii Fit Balance Board on ebay for $51. I got it in the mail last Monday and as a family we have discovered that it is quite fun! There are many different activities and games to choose from. While I purchased it for myself, it has been a big hit for the whole family-even Camden found a game that he can play by himself. My Wii Fit age came out at 31 (only 1 1/2 years older than I actually am). I am looking forward to having one more tool to help me along the way!

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