Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And then there are nights like this...

I had an amazing supper.  It was delicious and did not make me go over on points (in fact I even had enough left to have an ice cream sandwich-I opted for a 1 point popsicle instead). Also, keep in mind that I usually have 20 points left for supper HA!
The meal:
Steak-marinated to perfection in a bit of balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, and grill seasoning; cooked medium rare
Red skinned baked potato
Spinach salad-less than 1/2 a serving of light balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Small chunk of asiago batard bread (from HyVee if bread weren't so high in points I would easily eat a couple of their small loaves of bread a day-as it was we didn't even finish the small loaf GO US!)
And the thing that made every aspect of the meal sparkle just a little bit more-BLEU CHEESE!  I can have a serving (1/4 cup) for 3 points.  If you love blue cheese like I do, then you know that 1/4 cup goes a long way!  I topped my steak with it, sprinkled some on my potato, and topped my salad all for just 3 points! They were totally worth it.
The major highlights of this meal-my potato was not smothered in margarine and sour cream, my salad was devoid of croutons or bacon bits, my serving of bread was small and did not include margarine, my steak was super lean and still incredibly flavorful, and last but not least, I chose the fewer point dessert. YAY ME!

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