Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Decisions and Even Better Clothes!

A little bit of a late post today but not because I slept in!  I actually got up for my ride and finished it in record time!  My mother-in-law was meeting em to switch vans this morning so I had to make sure I was back in time.  It was icky humid this morning and there were more sprinklers on than normal at the park so it was quite the ride that it was yesterday.  Kiddo #1 woke up early this morning leaving me without any time to write.  Now that both boys are awake they can keep each other occupied enough to give me a little time. 
Yesterday I went on amazing shopping trip with friends.  I walked a lot which was good.  We ate out at Red Lobster so that my first challenge at a regular restaurant (non buffet).  I had 19 points left for the day and I think I did okay.  I won't lie and say that I didn't go over in points...I am sure that I did (darn those cheddar biscuits) but the difference was that I didn't just give in and make all around poor eating decisions. 
I had a nice 4 course meal which fit my budget well and had options that seemed decent to me. 
Course 1-New England Clam Chowder
This was probably my worst decision but I didn't let it blow the rest of my meal.  High in fat but not too bad carb wise.  I really should have forgone the soup all together but with how incredibly yummy it was I am glad that it was my little indulgence.
Course 2-Garden Side Salad
I think I did great here!  While I did order bleu cheese dressing, I used less 1/4 of it!  I dipped my fork into it and then poked some salad and I was really amazed by how much less dressing I used (thanks Biggest Loser for that tip).
Course 3-Grilled BBQ shrimp and Rice Pilaf
Both things low in fat and the rice contains fewer carbs that if I had a baked potato.  I did not finish either item.  I was starting to feel a bit full and I still had dessert coming. 
Course 4-Some Apple Thing
I only ate the apple filling and skipped out on the buttery, flaky pastry that it was enclosed in GO WILLPOWER!  I also tried a small bite of key lime pie (thanks Jill) because I had never had it before.  It was yummy!
I drank water...lots of water!  After all we had been shopping all afternoon/evening.
Overall thoughts on the meal-it was super delicious and I felt full and satisfied but not stuffed.  While you had great food Red Lobster, your nutrition page leaves something to be desired-lacking any information on protein or fiber content in foods.  It also appears to need some updating as not everything on their menu is found on the website.
I am really happy with how the day went!  I got some extra exercise and got to spend some quality (kid free) time with friends.  We didn't get back until late but I didn't allow myself to use that as an excuse to sleep in this morning!  I am feeling great and I am proud of myself for keeping moving!  Oh, and I almost forgot...I officially consider myself to be a size 14 again!  Every single 16 that I tried on yesterday was too big :o)  That is a change that also makes me really proud!

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