Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just wonderful!

This morning's ride was WONDERFUL!  The sunrise was beautiful, the humidity was low, and the sprinklers were off at the park.  It felt great to be riding this morning!  Today is all set to be a good day although it will still have its challenges. 
The plan: Sioux City shopping trip with my wonderful English department coworkers and getting to see Kim!
The challenge: Supper-having a meal out.
I feel really good about the decisions I have been making so I am actually not too worried about eating out today.  I am kind of excited for the challenge.  I think I am starting to gain a bit more confidence in my ability to get myself fit.  Part of this comes from me not missing a single bike ride since a couple days before starting this blog.  I have been hauling my butt out the door every morning with less and less extra effort to leave my cozy bed every day.  I feel really good-less droopy or sluggish throughout the day.  I really think things are going great!  I look forward to my challenge of eating a healthy supper out tonight!

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