Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I prefer to reside amongst the living

Today I thought I would address an issue that my husband likes to poke fun of me about: my bike helmet.  I wear a bike helmet each and every day for my ride.  As you all know helmets are all the rage this summer and are a perfect example of the latest fashion!  Okay, maybe not...but do I really care? No, not really.  I wear a helmet not to look cool or sport the latest fashion but to save my noggin!  Yes, I ride mostly on the trail where there are not really any cars but there are other riders, hills, and steep slopes with rocks on the way down.  Also, I have to ride on the road to get to the trail.  While I do think it is unlikely that my helmet will be used to save my noggin on my morning ride, I prefer to err on the side of caution.  After all, who puts on their helmet thinking, "I am going to use this thing today!"?  Brain damage would also put a real wrench into my fitness routine!
Besides these life saving benefits, I also feel good knowing that I am setting a good example.  I have two boys who also wear bike helmets-no bribing, screaming, or threatening required.  Neither of them complain about putting their helmets on-in fact they are happy to do so. My youngest even gets excited! Who wouldn't get excited about a dragon helmet though?  This noggin saving example is one that I am happy to set so that one day when they go riding with their helmet-less friends they will opt to keep their own helmet on and maybe even razz their friends the way that they razz my husband about NOT wearing one!
Now, while I am on my little helmet rant I would really like to make a plea to helmet makers.  Make helmets for 2 year olds!  Yes, I can make due with a 3 year old helmet but I would like an even better fit for my little guy!  They may not be riding bikes but we certainly take them on rides via bike carts and seats.  Help us keep them as safe as possible!
I grew up with a helmet law-one we were made to follow.  I got used to wearing a helmet.  My kids are growing up with a helmet law too...Mom's law!
One final note to those who do not wear helmets: although it is your choice (depending on where you reside) and you can say...if I choose not to take a safety measure that will save my life and it ends up killing me I guess that is my choice (something that I have heard from people complaining about seat belt laws).  Do me a favor...think about the driver that may end up hitting you-possibly through no vault of their own.  Should they really have to go through life knowing that they took someone's life when the person who was lost could have prevented it?

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