Saturday, July 23, 2011

The honest to goodness truth

While on my bike ride this morning, I was thinking about more things to write about.  As the sweat started to pour down my face and my legs burned as I pushed myself up another small hill, all I could think was this, "I want to quit."  I realized at that exact moment that I think this EVERY day.  I love my bike ride in that I get some peaceful alone time, I get some nice fresh air, and I get to do something good for me.  I hate that the ride has hills.  While the hills are fun to go down, they burn to go up.

So, there it is...I want to quit.  I want to quit every day.  I fight the temptation to hop off my bike and just walk the rest of the way two or three times a morning. That is me being completely honest.  I love it and I hate it all at the same time.  So, why not just quit?  (Other than the fact that I just started a blog about being a fitness failure hmmmm...) I always tell my students that an F is better than a zero because it is the truth.  Hopping off my bike and walking is like failing to turn in an assignment.  I don't want to be the fitness zero because that is worse than being a fitness failure.

Last night I took one step toward upping my fitness grade by changing my alarm clock settings.  I usually skip my ride on weekends because weekends are a time of relaxation...okay lets be realistic here...I just told you how much I want to quit so why subject myself to that on a Saturday morning?  Well, let's see, maybe because I need to push myself and my quitter attitude (this is why I think personal trainers are so effective-it is harder to say no to someone else than it is to say no to yourself).  Last night before bed, I clicked my little "alarm mode" button and changed the settings so that my alarm clock goes off seven days a week at 6 am instead of just going off Monday through Friday.  This is a step in the right direction especially because I usually consume more calories on weekends and thus need the exercise.

I want to do better and be better I just have to keep going so that my body can discover this good feeling too.


  1. Good job! That's a huge improvement with getting up and doing something every day of the week. I used to love sleeping in every Saturday, too. I'm trying to get up earlier each day during the week (was 7, now getting up at 6 with Jesse), and trying to do the same on the weekend. It was still 9 today, but its much better than 10:30 or 11 like I'd like! Way to go, Cassi!

  2. The other positive thing about getting up early-you have that much more time in your day! It gives me the time to write and dink around on the computer a bit which I wouldn't really have otherwise!