Monday, July 25, 2011

Riding, shopping, and loving

Yesterday was a good day.  My bike ride burned as much as usual but I enjoyed it.  If I keep this up one more day I will have gone for my morning ride seven days in a row!  That will be a record for me!
Morning ride
Blog post
Those that know me, know how much I love to shop...not just for clothes and things but really any kind of shopping!  Yesterday was grocery shopping day (I had also gone on Saturday-2 stores, 2 days to save as much $ as possible!).  I was extra excited to go shopping because I was determined to buy some good healthy low point foods.  This was also my first shopping trip since restarting Weight Watchers, so I was armed with my points calculator and ready to go :o)  We bought a lot of fresh produce-usually about 25% of my budget is spent there but this time it was closer to 35%.  Although I cringed a bit think about how little money that left me for the rest of the store, I just kept a mental tally on the total.  Some really great discoveries-Wheat Thins Stix (3), Simply Fruit Roll Ups (1), Kix (3-for 1 1/2 cups!), turkey brats (3) and sweet potato fries (4).  The sticks are AMAZING!  I am buying more today as we just bought one box to try them.  Overall we only went over budget by a bit but we get more grocery money today so I wasn't really that worried.  I saved about $10 with coupons.  I feel like we have a good stock of healthy foods both meal food and snack food which is just what I need to stay on track.
Yesterday I did excellent on points!  I had enough left after supper to indulge in a sundae cone YUM!  I did so well that I still had points left after that and I felt full!  I hope that I can keep up wonderful days like yesterday!  Ice cream is good so it makes me happy that I can eat it without feeling guilty!  That is part of why I love WW SO much!

Today is off to a good start I feel good, I have a plan for the day, and I am falling in love...with a puppy.  Some of you will read this and think that someone else is typing when I say that I want a dog.  Heck, one year for April Fools Day I posted a picture of "my new puppy" and finally when I revealed the truth one of my friends expressed their immediate disbelief when they saw the picture.  I have said time and time again that I love dogs but from a distance.  I love to pet them and play with them and send them home (much like what some people say about kids HA!).  I have no desire to have one more thing that needs my attention-I clean up enough poop by having a 2 year old!  All that being said, I am in love with a beautiful beagle puppy down at the pound.  My ride takes me by there every morning and every morning I love that dog more and more-I don't even know if it is a boy or a girl...I should really check the paper.  As much as I love the pup I know that I am dreaming.  We have no place for a dog and no time for a dog.  I just hope it gets a good home.  I think that this sudden desire springs from the people that I see on the trail with their dogs.  Their dogs look so happy and they look so happy.  Who wouldn't want a piece of that happiness?

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  1. I am so proud of you, Cassi! The 7 day stretch AND healthy eating at the same time!!! You're an inspiration for me to keep going, even though its hard.

    I think everyone agrees that beds are too wonderful and comfy to want to leave. I wake up, smile in happiness of the comfort, and fall back to sleep with a smile (sometimes, of course. Sometimes I'm just tired and crabby).

    Thanks for your writings!