Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you never screw up...how do you learn anything?

This morning felt great although the humidity made it feel like I was breathing water rather than air...it did look like it was ready to rain so maybe that will help.  I am glad that it didn't rain yet because I am not sure if I am ready to be THAT committed to my morning ride!  Part of the reason it felt so good...I over indulged on pizza last night.
A love for pizza makes eating healthy challenging!  What makes it even MORE challenging...pizza buffet.  Last night they had a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch for some heart walk thing for the hospital and Matt wanted to go.  To be honest, I wanted to go too-we all love pizza and it was for a good cause.  The only problem is the buffet!  How do you stop with the mindset of getting your money's worth?  To top it all off I even drank soda rather than water.  While I do feel like I over indulged, I am also a bit forgiving.  I knew that I was going out for pizza so I really tried to limit my points (the fact that we were running around doing errands all day really prevented snacking) throughout the day to save them for supper.  I had 22 points left by supper time and I am still sure I went over.  I am still under points overall for the week so again I don't feel too bad.
What did I realize through this? Buffets are to be avoided at all costs.  Also, when I go out I need to get out of the mindset that I need to get my money's worth and rather just try to get a good handle on what I consume.  I really do think the buffet was the biggest issue as I have no problem stopping when we have an actual pizza (because that means that there will be LEFTOVERS!).  The fact that the drink was included in the price was another issue-I am very accustomed to drinking water when we go out anywhere (the only exception would be when I order an alcoholic beverage) but the fact that I was paying for soda made me feel like I should get soda.  Next time I will stick with water.
So, a setback is a setback and it is only something that I can learn from.  No one is perfect and I know that I can do better.  After all, this wouldn't be much of a learning journey if I did everything just right the first time!

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  1. You are right about buffets. We don't usually go to them for that reason. Steve's family are all trying to watch their calories. Half the time I don't eat enough to justify the price; the other half of the time I'm so full it's uncomfortable. I do have a weakness for Pizza Ranch buffets. Eventually you won't want to go to buffets because the cost will outweigh what you actually eat.