Friday, June 22, 2012

Almost Missed It!

I overslept a bit this morning...I must have been tired from my super workout day yesterday. I cannot say how happy I am that I actually got up and went for my ride. The sunrise was AMAZING today! It wasn't so much  that there were a variety of colors painted across the sky but rather the sun's rays reaching up into the sky. No matter how many photos I took this morning there was no way to completely capture the beauty of what I saw this morning. A little proof of how beautiful it was: as I entered riverside park this morning there was a photographer set up and snapping pictures of it. It made me happy to know I wasn't the only one enjoying the morning.
I cut my ride just a little short by skipping the bridge because I got up late. I was surprised that I wasn't really all that sore this morning. My knees felt a little stiff but that was about it...maybe I am in slightly better shape than I give myself credit for!
Today I thought I would talk a bit about why running is a goal of mine. I was thinking a lot about it on my ride yesterday because I knew I would be starting my Couch to 5k program and here is what I came up with...
When I was a kid I LOVED to run. I would run just because I loved the feeling of the wind in my hair (although I hated the tangles that ensued) and my feet on the pavement. I loved to run barefoot (I think I was barefoot most of the time). I remember racing kids from the various apartment complexes that I lived in. I remember being fast...and then I wonder when did all that end? When did running become something hated rather than something enjoyed and looked forward to? I figure this is my way of reclaiming something that I lost in my youth. My more current motivation is the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. I really think that it would be amazing to be able to run the whole 5k. I think it would be a nice little tribute to my grandmother and to Theresa, the two people I am running for.
And now for the photos from this morning! I tried to pic the best ones but like I said...the photos really don't do it justice. My favorite ones are where you can see the rays of light reaching up into the clouds. If you click on them you can see a bigger version :o)

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