Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well Blow Me Over!

Last night there was a forecast for rain so I was a little worried about my morning ride. When I woke up is was a bit dark but not raining so I hit the trail. The first few minutes of my ride were pretty normal, then the wind picked up. I could see dark clouds moving across the sky as the wind picked up and I knew I was in for a treat. The drizzle of rain started when I got about 30 feet from the river. I didn't mind it as I kinda like the rain and there was no lightning in sight so on I went. After the turn that put me on the trail parallel to the river the wind was howling in my ears. Huh...hadn't expected this! I figured it was no big deal as it was just a bit of rain and wind so on I went. About 20 feet later I was literally blown off the trail by the wind and into the grass (but I didn't tip over!) I had to hop off my bike and stand there waiting for the wind to let up so I could turn back...what? Turn back? NO WAY! I went right on my merry way wind howling and all! I was smiling and laughing at myself as I must have looked crazy out in the wind and rain but I was having fun. I was only blown off the trail one more time before I turned around and headed back home. I figured the wind was bad enough on shore that the bridge must have been a wind tunnel so I skipped that today. All in all, I am happy that I went out...even if I am a bit soggy sitting here writing this post!

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