Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beautiful Sounds

It was a bit breezy for my ride this morning which meant that I was fighting the wind by the time I got down to the river. Riverside Park was a sprinkler obstacle course this morning as well-especially because of the wind! That one unavoidable sprinkler at the start of the path in the park was arched directly over the path and it appeared as if they were not moving or at least not moving quickly.
The bridge ride was much better. I have discovered that I would much rather ride on the bottom portion of the bridge because it doesn't have the pink rock chip seal like the top. It makes for a much smoother ride. This morning I was treated to a lovely chorus of bird music. I couldn't seem to spot any of the birds that I was hearing but their music was wonderful-see what I would miss id I were listening to music on my morning ride? There is nothing like the beautiful sounds of the morning to wake a person up. The birds along the bridge are really wonderful-yesterday I had a little goldfinch flying beside me for a little while-it was the smallest finch I have ever seen, and on mine and Matt's anniversary walk across the bridge we saw a few orioles. If you have not yet ventured across the bridge I would highly recommend you do so. I do kind of wish that we had the nice wooded area on the SD side of the bridge that they have on the Nebraska side. If you have the time, you should linger on the NE side and see if you can spot some of the beautiful birds.
 The sun was trying to peek between the clouds
No doe this morning but this is the exact spot that I saw one Saturday evening

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