Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Rain On My Parade

After being woken up by rain this morning I thought for sure my ride was going to have to be put off, but when my alarm sounded at 5:30 I couldn't hear any rain. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning because I was tired from such a wonderful night with my husband celebrating our anniversary. We usually put off doing anything until the weekend after our anniversary but this year we decided there was nothing wrong with going out on a Tuesday night. I am really happy with our decision because it felt even more special than it has in the past. I will admit I ate too much but it is hard not to indulge when celebrating. We both had steak with salad and a baked potato and then we went to the Dairy Dock to share an ice cream sundae. We ended our time out with a walk across the Meridian Bridge which is slightly over half a mile one way. It was nice to get some exercise as well as go on a little romantic walk with my husband. It also helped lessen any guilt I may have had from the ice cream (or the movie popcorn and fountain pop we picked up on the way home).
This morning's ride was very peaceful. I could see the rain clouds and lightning off in the east which meant I wouldn't get to see a pretty sunrise, but the lightning was a pretty cool sight. My ride seemed pretty smooth and the only part of me that was sore from yesterday was my bum-it needs to get used to the lovely bike seat again. I am still completely amazed by the changes in the landscape in comparison to last year with all the flooding. The changes are quite astounding-I need to take some pictures so that I can post comparisons.
Now for some good news/bad news:
  • Good News-I weighed less at the doctor than I did at home on Monday-I think that is the first time that has EVER happened! LOL
  • Good News-I do not have a double ear infection like I suspected.
  • Bad News-I am having some massive TMJ pain on the left side-the joint was incredibly tender and sore when she was checking it yesterday-not much I can do other than take an anti-inflammatory
  • More Bad News-She has no idea why my hearing is muffled on the right side (I thought for sure I had an ear infection because of it). I am hoping this goes away soon as it is extremely irritating and I would rather stay away from doctors for a while-I have seen enough of them in the past few months!

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