Monday, June 18, 2012

To Nebraska and Back

After a torturous week of major ear issues, I was determined to get back on my ride this morning. After my last post from last week my muffled ear seemed to spiral out of control-I woke up on Thursday with major dizziness so I ended up spending most of the morning on the couch trying to get some medicine for it from the doctor. It would appear that the muffled hearing is due to an inner ear infection. I have since been battling dizziness, irritability, and exhaustion. My husband was incredibly sweet through it all. I am normally a bright and cheery person but the ear thing turned me into a whole different person. I was happy when I woke up without being dizzy this morning. I contemplated staying in bed so that I could have one more day of rest but the warm morning was calling my name!
I hopped on my bike and about half way through my ride decided to tackle the bridge today. I wanted to try the bottom half, for obvious hilly reasons) but that would have required a 3 block detour because of some construction. So top of the bridge it was! The view was beautiful and peaceful. The hill coming back was torture but I am happy to say that I made it! We will see what tomorrow brings-fingers crossed for no dizziness! I am also going to restart a 7 day challenge on the Wii as it was hard to keep up with when I spent most of the end of the week on the couch! Wish me luck and health!

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