Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Attitude Shift

Today, while fixing mac and cheese for the boys I was hit with a realization...my attitude about fitness has changed.  When I started this blog three weeks ago I had a "best effort" attitude...as in, I will give this my best effort but I really don't enjoy it.  I now have more of a "what took me so long" attitude. 
How do I know?  I find myself looking forward to my morning ride. I go to bed and I think about riding in the morning.  When my alarm goes off I no longer hesitate to leave my cozy sleeping quarters.  I don't lay in bed for "five more minutes."  When my husband brought up how we can shift things with his change in work schedule I didn't hesitate at the thought of getting up a half hour earlier-I was happy about it.  I am looking ahead and trying to plan out what to do when it gets colder.  I am feeling better than ever and wondering what the heck I ever had against fitness in the first place.
I think the biggest shift is in the fact that I no longer look for excuses.  Yes, it is still really me talking.  I used to be so happy when it was raining in the morning...giving me an excuse to stay home and go nowhere and do nothing.  Now, if it rains I try to plan out how I can go for a ride later or what I can do instead.  I no longer tell myself that I "don't have time."  What the h*ll?  If I have time to sit on my butt and watch TV or play around on the computer I think there is time in my day to fit in a workout.  I really can't pinpoint when the attitude shift happened but it sure feels good :o)

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