Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Three Full Weeks; 5:30am

Today marks three full weeks-I have not missed a ride.  I did have to go in the evening with kids for two of those day but I haven't broken my streak!  I am really proud of myself!  This has been quite a journey.  The last two days I was biking an extra quarter mile but today I made some BIG changes!
Today was my first 5:30am ride. Observations: 5:30 is considerably more dark than 6:00.  Nature is quite loud at 5:30 (the frogs were crazy loud!).  Different sprinklers are on in the park-ones that are a bigger pain in my a**.  So...why 5:30?  I start back at work next week and my husband has officially changed shifts so I need to go earlier if we are both going to get in a workout.  Thankfully, I am the same morning at 5:30am that I am at 6:00am :o)  I really couldn't tell much of a difference when I got up (with the exception of the extreme darkness) so it seems as if it will be an easy change!
I am now going more than an extra half of a mile compared to a week ago.  I finally started at the point on the trail where I have been finishing up the last couple days.  It makes the first half of my ride a bit more fun-lots of downhills, but I could definitely feel the burn for the last part of my ride sooner.  All in all I do like the extra challenge.  My ride has gotten a bit easier over the past couple weeks so it is nice to throw in a new challenge. 

3 weeks in and feeling great!

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