Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Update

It is MUCH harder to blog during the week now that I am back at work.  It is especially difficult when I have had a meeting or something going on EVERY night!  Thankfully I have been keeping up with exercising which is good.  I am still battling my cold which makes it hard.
Friday I has a very strong desire to stay in bed!  I shut off my alarm and said to myself-I can take just this one morning off...then I thought about the prospects of me having time for a bike ride later in the day and they were not good so I rolled out of bed against my will.  I got all ready to go-checked to see that it wasn't raining and saw that the ground was wet.  I grabbed my lights and headed out.  I was pulling my bike away from the house when I saw a flash of light-I turned around thinking maybe it was headlights going around a corner but saw nothing.  I stopped and looked up at the sky to see if it was lightning and there they were...several more flashes.  So much for my bike ride!  I decided that I might as well stay up so I went down stairs and got on the elliptical as I didn't have time to come up with a more enjoyable plan B.  It was even harder because of my cold but at least I got to catch up on some news...hurricanes and earthquakes...I have been living in a bubble the past week.
Friday was also our YankTON weigh in at work.  My starting weight for that is 187.6 (if I remember correctly) not bad for being fully clothed with shoes on.  For every pound we lose we are supposed to donate a food item.  I plan to use this as an opportunity to get rid of some of the unhealthy stuff in my pantry-like hamburger helper and fruit in syrup.  Looks like a win win situation.  I am really excited for out team effort!  I am hoping that it can be the extra motivation to get me to fit in a second work out.
I had planned on getting up at 6:30 to go for a ride this morning but my youngest planned to get up at the same time.  Rather than riding we snuggled in bed together for an extra half an hour.  Then it was off to my soccer coaching I can at least fake coaching a little better HA!  We got done early so I had the babysitter stay an extra half hour so that I could ride my bike.  It was kind of nice to be out in the daylight as the water levels from the flood have drastically dropped!  It is so nice to see that the water is really going down but it isn't so pretty to see the yucky land that is being uncovered!

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