Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Long Day; Short Post

Got my wonderful ride in this morning.  My ankle has been bugging me all day.  Not sure quite when it started but hoping it feels better by morning!  I had a day of pretty healthy eating choices as well.  I had soup and a sandwich for lunch today from the Body Guard in the mall.  Thanks for the great lunch tip Sheana!  The sandwich was small and tasty and the soup was a nice addition.  I didn't like the fact that the soup had ravolli in it because that brings up the level of carbs but I just skipped eating the pasta all together and the soup was still wonderful!  I did eat an oatmeal raisin cooking for dessert but even if it was four points I still came in under my total points.  I resisted doughnuts from the insurance agent at the school today which I was very proud of.  They looked so yummy!
Tomorrow begins the next school year and the challenge of keeping up with healthy habits!  I am looking forward to it and starting to figure out my lunch plan in my head :o)  I am hoping all goes well and I stay on track!

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