Friday, August 5, 2011

Making it work!

No post yesterday but I figured the fact that Wednesday had two posts made up for it :o)
I was a bit bummed that it looked like a bike ride was not going to happen yesterday.  My lovely hubby was out of town for work so a morning ride was out and then I asked him if I could go for a ride at night but he didn't want me to because that is when he gets the most wasn't looking good!  We ate an early supper (Kashi pizza) which was slightly high in points (11 for 1/2) but not too bad considering we got to eat pizza!  We then had nothing to do until my oldest son's swimming lessons.  That was when I realized...I CAN go for a bike ride! 
My husband would be taking swimming lesson duty and while they were gone I could put the little guy in the bike cart and go.  As they were getting ready we got ourselves ready to hit the trail.  I asked Cam if he wanted to go for a ride and he did his little happy dance and said, "YES!"  We took off basically making a giant loop around our house as we couldn't go too far in case I had to run to swimming lessons if my husband got a call.  Cam had a blast and laughed every time we went up or down from the sidewalk.  I was thrilled because I still got my ride in.  We took the trail home which gave me a good final workout.  There is one big hill down and 2 1/2 hills going up combined with hauling a 30 pound kid behind me I think I got a workout equal to my morning ride. 
I also got to get back to my morning ride this morning and boy was it dark!  I got up and out the door pretty quickly this morning and was surprised how dark it was.  I guess this is one more thing telling me that summer is coming to an end!  The ride was nice-not too hot but I think I was the first one on the trail. I got hit by spider web after spider web which slowed me down a bit.  As I got down by the river this morning, I noticed that the water was down about a foot.  There is a strip of reddish brown ground between the grass and the water making it easy to notice.  It is really good to see the water go down.  School starts in just over a week meaning I will have to start adjusting my workout so that I can keep it up when I am back at work.  I will definitely need some luck to help me through that transition!

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