Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Down-Not Out

I am sick.  I would love to ignore and deny this fact but my inability to take a breathe through my nose prevents me from doing so.  I have this wonderful excuse to use to stay in bed an extra half hour in the morning and avoid the terribly gnatty morning!  Yet I still rode.  I figured I already felt pretty crummy what difference was an extra half an hour in bed really going to?  Plus I feel better when I know that I am doing something good for myself!  I have to say that my ride was not particularly enjoyable-the gnats were bad and I couldn't breathe through my nose but I still felt better about doing it than about avoiding it.  I did shorten my ride to give my sick self a bit of a break.  I am hoping to be feeling better soon so that I can really get back to enjoying my ride!

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