Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching Up! Sunday-The day the streak died!

Sunday was another challenging day filled with yummy park foods.  We also visited a church with some friends of ours where I indulged in three yummy creme puffs.  Because their church service was a bit earlier than the one we are used to, I didn't get my morning ride in.  Instead, I focused on getting everyone up and dressed for the day.  By the time we got back from church and changed we decided to head down to the park to check out the craft vendors...and to eat some more food!  We opted to walk down to the park again so I got some more extra exercise in :o)  This trip I opted for a pork sandwich, more cheese curds, and a nice giant waffle cone with chocolate caramel ice cream and butter pecan. Again, it tasted SOOO good.  I think a large reason why I allowed myself to indulge without really feeling guilty was because I knew this wasn't a lapse in my good eating habits but rather a treat that I allowed myself for a special occasion.  I knew that I couldn't use this as a jumping off point for going back to my poor eating habits.  Monday came and I was back to my point counting and meal planning.  This made me very proud-don't think that a couple days of "off" eating will ruin your whole diet...not convinced, just read Monday's post!
I was again exhausted by the evening but I also wanted to spend some time at home with my husband.  We spent the evening relaxing and watching 24.  I had the opportunity to ride my bike late in the evening after a run to the store but I figured my streak had to end eventually so I stayed home.  Again, I didn't feel guilty-I had a 32 day streak!  I deserved a little break so I took one :o)

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