Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keeping Up!

I am a bit late writing my post today!  It has been a busy day already.  I started off with my usual morning ride which was GREAT in comparison to yesterday.  It actually felt cool this morning and I didn't feel like I was trying to breathe underwater.  Unfortunately, my 15 day streak ends tomorrow unless I can get a 6am sitter LOL.  Maybe I can go for a ride in the evening though so the day isn't a complete wash.
Yesterday I "traveled" a bit on the elliptical again.  I still hate it but I managed to stay on for 42 minutes and go 1.5 miles.  I felt really good doing it two days in a row.  We will have to see how today goes though-the biggest motivation is guilt free television watching but I am waiting for my next DVD of Big Love from Netflix.  With nothing to watch it isn't quite as appealing (not that it really is appealing at all ha!). Maybe I can try watching a movie if I can get that much "free" time. 
Yesterday we had one of my favorite new meals!  Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, broccoli, and some new baked cheese things from Schwan's.  The turkey burgers are SO yummy on the grill and they are about half the points of a typical beef burger.  We can also have a nice large serving of the fries for just four points which is decent for fries-plus we all love them!  The cheese things were more of a treat than anything else but they were just 1 point each. 
Overall, I think things are going well!

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