Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foggy Morning

Gave myself a little extra sleep time this morning but still got to go for a ride.  I felt really good and I am really enjoying all my time biking.  It was really foggy this much so that I couldn't see all that far in front of me on the way to the park.  My glasses also got covered in a fine mist that I ended up having to stop and clean off.
Yesterday was not the best food day.  We went out to eat with friends to the Red Steakhouse.  It is a wonderful little indulgence that we don't often partake in but we were celebrating my husband's shift change at work and the beginning of a new school year.  I am proud of myself that I just drank water to save some calories :o).  While I do think I could have limited myself more, for me it was an indulgence that I felt deserving of.  We shared a couple of wonderful appetizers, I had steak as my entree, and we finished up with key lime pie for dessert.  I think key lime pie is my new weakness.  I need to find a low calorie version because I am in love!
This has been a challenging weekend but I do think I did a decent job of restraining myself where I thought it was necessary.  I think that it is important not to beat yourself up for little flub up here and there.  Don't use them as an excuse to quit!

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