Thursday, August 11, 2011

There are good days and bad days...

This morning I did not want to get up...even though I got to sleep in until 6:00am (my husband had to work in the middle of the night and thus did not go swimming this morning).  I woke up feeling tired with an achy upper jaw (two cavities filled yesterday on opposite sides of the mouth).  I also still had a hint of last night's headache.  Not really the best morning for feeling motivated to get fit...  I applaud myself for going anyway.
I am kind of surprised that I did, it isn't something that the old Cassi would have done.  I think the main thing that got my butt out the door was how I would feel later in the day.  I would feel GUILTY, and I didn't want to!  I did give myself a bit of a break though...I didn't go the extra quarter mile at the start of my ride this morning. I also hadn't planned on going the extra quarter mile at the end of my ride but I somehow found the motivation while riding through the park (not getting hit by a single sprinkler). 
The ability to push myself is something that really makes me feel good.  I can make myself do more than I ever expected I could do myself.  I have to say that I was really beginning to think that the only way I would ever get in shape is if I had some fancy personal trainer to get me into shape.  I have decided that while a personal trainer could probably get me into shape faster, I am capable of pushing myself.  The more I push myself, the more I realize I am capable of.

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