Monday, August 15, 2011


I was back to my 5:30 ride this morning and it felt incredible!  It was 70 degrees out, I got to watch a gorgeous sunrise and I just felt energized.  I woke up ready to ride.  Maybe it was because today is real...I was getting up at 5:30 so that I could get a ride in before work.  I also slept great last night which I am sure helped my energy level.  As I pedaled along on the first part of my ride this morning, all I could think was, "This feels incredible!"

I wish that everyone could experience the wonderful feeling that I had this morning.  No negative thoughts, no sprinklers, just joy and happiness.  If everyday felt like this, there is no doubt in my mind that the trail would be filled with riders just like me every morning.  The truth doesn't feel this good every day and that makes it something even more rewarding.  I have worked this hard for this long to get to this feeling.  It is a reward for my determination and while it feels great, it did NOT come easy.  It has been hard and difficult and at times just exhausting but I am still working at it...determined not to give up.
Now, for the usual Monday update...I weighed in at 186.4 this morning which isn't a huge difference from last week.  I have lost .4 pounds but the important thing is that I did not gain.  I have lost 6.2 pound total at this point which is a-ok with me!  I am happy to see any loss knowing that I am coming off a not so good food weekend. I am excited for the coming week and looking forward to more wonderful rides.

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  1. You're doing great, Cassi! Keep it up! I really need to get a consistent exercise routine. Some weeks I do really well... other weeks not so much. I try to shoot for 4 work-outs a week.