Saturday, August 6, 2011


It was pouring down rain this morning at six so I am hoping to get a chance to take a ride today, if not I may just have to endure the elliptical so I don't go without a workout completely.
I thought I would focus today's post about one of the most difficult aspects of any fitness aspirations...TEMPTATION!  I know that going back to work in a little over a week will be very difficult.  The caramel rolls and cookies and other treats that they feed to us during inservice are yummy and terrible all at the same time.  The worst part is that I know how yummy they are and that makes it even more difficult.  I think about how wonderful they taste and I think about all the times I have eaten them and I want them even more!  My goal is straight up resistance...not oh I will just have a little...I know I won't be able to have just a little.  My willpower is no match for that yummy stuff!  I plan to take myself a little snack so that I can stay away from it all together.  Maybe a fruit snack or a pumpkin muffin (Thanks Teri for the recipe) will get me through. 
Although going back to work offers some temptations it also gets me away from the pantry full of kid snacks that I face every day.  It also get me away from the temptation of finishing bits of their lunch or snack.  There are good an bad things about every situation!  I prefer to look on the bright side :o)  Packed lunches offer me a better, more planned lunch which will keep me from consuming extra points.   One week left!  Wish me luck!

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