Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's not all Sunshine and Rainbows!

Today has been a challenge!  I am a stress eater and today was a bit stressful.  My youngest child challenged my patience with constant whining and tantrums, parking at work is less than ideal (although I know I should be happy to get in the extra steps-previously mentioned child made this stressful), my work computer is still (after a whole week!)" locked by an administrator," I got an email that caught me off guard, I hadn't finished preparing for my role as book club discussion leader, my tennis elbow (no it isn't from tennis) has been bothering me all day, and I had a headache (the last 2 problems we not interested in being resolved with ibuprofen). 
All I have wanted to do all day is shovel in chocolate and ice cream and JUNK!  While making Cam some milk for his nap I fed myself a drizzle of chocolate syrup straight from the bottle then downed a couple handfuls of chocolate chips.  I then subtracted 5 points from my tally for the day which should about cover it.  I did not want to stop there.  I wanted to eat one of the chocolate bars from the freezer and have a giant bowl of the new ice cream that the Schwan's man brought yesterday...but I didn't.  Those might be my new favorite words-I didn't.  I wanted to SO bad but I didn't.  I opened the freezer twice to stare at the ice cream and then I ate a 1 point fruit roll up and drank a nice glass of ice water.  I knew that I had book club left yet to challenge me and I was at 16 points left for the day.
I was excited for book club (it was book selection day!) yet nervous about trying to stay on track with a couple bad eating decisions already under my belt from the day.  I order my old favorite-a strawberry daiquiri because I needed one.  I also promised myself that I would just have one and then drink water.  I ate some popcorn and ordered a pizza.  I shared the pizza with three other ladies so that I would only get two slices, yet I still ended up eating three!  I actually brought home a fourth piece which I REALLY wanted to eat so I sent it home with my mother-in-law. 
Did I make great choices? No. Did I make terrible choices? No.  Even when it seemed like the day went to hell I am happy to say that I think I kept my eating under control.  I ate more than I should have but not by much.  I didn't let my stress become a reason to over indulge, yet I still did a bit of stress eating that elevated my mood a bit.  I placed limits on myself and found ways to remove temptation.  These are big steps to me because stress isn't going is just getting going with the start of the school year right around the corner.  I need to teach myself new coping mechanisms that don't involve food.  I need to continue to reflect on situations like this in order to keep myself in control.  I also need to formulate a work out plan for tomorrow!  After a day like today, the last thing that I need is less calories burned!

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