Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday TON!

Today I had my usual morning ride.  The park was pretty much completely back to normal-no sprinklers back on yet so that was a plus!  The gnats were terrible this morning making it a less than pleasant ride.  To compound the icky-ness of the beginning of my day, I felt exhausted and sick.  I could tell I had a cold coming on and it had arrived by this morning.  Here it was, another excuse that I could easily use to avoid exercise but I didn't.  I got out there and rode anyway!  What did I have to lose?  I already felt crummy.  My ride didn't really leave me feeling much different so I just tried to prep myself for the busy day that lay ahead.
I had something to look forward to all day today-the start of YankTON!  As a community (through the Chamber of Commerce), we-Yankton-want to lose a ton!  Different businesses in town that belong to the chamber are participating in the event and competing for some pretty awesome prizes.  Our building principal arranged for us to participate the event.  The top prize for the winning team is $1000 in chamber bucks!  I am excited to see what a little competition can do to add to my fitness goals and motivation.  It will also be nice to have my colleagues right along beside me working toward the same goals.  To say that I am excited seems like an understatement!  The kickoff event was held in Memorial Park this evening with coupons for free days at the different gyms in town-including a session with a personal trainer!  They also provided some healthy snacks and we took a walk around the park-1 mile.  I am so proud to be a part of a community that is trying to make a positive change in the lives of its citizens!  You ROCK Yankton!

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